Unlock the Potential of Digital Assets

Access a trusted platform for trustless markets that bridges traditional finance with the growing opportunities in digital assets. 

Our team of deep learners has decades of experience in the financial markets, and we are committed to pushing the boundaries of digital finance.

Global Markets

Our team provides traditional over-the-counter execution and treasury services for digital assets.

We invest in the growth of financial products and related technology, and conduct thorough research to identify market opportunities and offer bespoke solutions to clients.

Venture Capital

As a team, we support top Web3 builders in creating the future internet.

We are early-stage investors in Web3 and digital asset startups,  bringing value to our portfolio companies and high returns to our investors.

We invest globally in various blockchain technologies with the support of the MHC Digital Group platform and strong relationships in the digital assets ecosystem.

Funds Management

We have assembled a group of experts from traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets to provide a balanced and professional approach to the growing digital asset industry.

Our offerings include two fund strategies:

MHC Digital Assets Fund

Aims to provide a secure broad exposure to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

MHC Market Neutral Fund

Aims to secure market neutral returns from a diverse portfolio of investments that take advantage of pricing anomalies in digital asset markets.

Corporate Finance

We create custom funding solutions for companies seeking alternative capital markets for growth and balance sheet optimization.

We are a tokenization platform that structures fractionalized equity and debt using blockchain technology for efficient and accessible funding.

Collaborating with leaders in both traditional and digital markets to enhance the quality of our services and expand the participant ecosystem for the benefit of all.

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Download Information Memorandum

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