Investor Notification – Amendments to Information Memorandums

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Amendments to Information Memorandums


  • MHC Digital Asset Fund; and/or
  • MHC Digital Market Neutral Fund

(Together the Funds)

Dear Unitholders,

Following our recent correspondence regarding the performance of our Market Neutral Fund, the Investment Committee has determined that it is prudent to make changes to the information memorandum for both the Digital Asset Fund and Digital Market Neutral Fund concerning the timing of the NAV (Net Asset Value) calculation.

Currently, the information memorandum of each Fund stipulates that the NAV calculation occurs on the first business day of the month, according to the Australian calendar. To address the recent issues and ensure alignment between cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets, we are amending this to have the NAV calculation occur on the last business day of the month in the United States.

This adjustment will ensure that both the cryptocurrency market and traditional financial markets are open concurrently, thereby providing investors with the most accurate unit prices and reducing the valuation discrepancies that have recently impacted fund performance.

We believe this change is administrative in nature and will enhance the accuracy and reliability of our NAV calculations, ultimately benefiting our investors.

Thank you for your continued trust and understanding.

Yours sincerely, MHC Funds Management Team

A copy of the updated IMs can be made available to any Unitholder who requests a copy by emailing


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